Common Ground

common ground
Foto: Sander Luske
Danika van Kaathoven
Iris De Vries 2
Foto: Sander Luske
Reijnald Kolthof
Foto: Stef Tervelde
Iris De Vries
Anneclaire Sopers

Common Ground by Studio Met Met in collaboration with Artez Product Design Arnhem Special thanks to Judith van den boom (head of the product design department), Cathelijne Engelkes (Project Coordinator) and Theo Konijnenburg (Tutor), for giving us the opportunity to design, build and coordinate the exposition of the product design finale 2017.

 Located within the canteen of the by Gerrit Rietveld designed main building of ArtEZ academy of the arts, the exposition is inspired by a standardized construction method and based on working with a 300 x 300 mm grid. This modular building principle makes it able to easily adjust the design and layout to create a landscape where the collections that are presented meet each other at different levels.

“The graduates of 2017 create a landscape where orientation points are references to find and define, to seek position and association. Moving from unknown, undisclosed and unspecified towards finding a common ground and encounter new insights, narratives and applications. Common ground is not merely to understand the role and meaning of the product but even more the Zeitgeist, the period of time and currency that our working and living is set in. It is time to leave the prefix behind and move the attention from the un-, over-, mis-, dis-, post and pre- to the noun and verb that we are surrounded by. Changing direction towards the present, creating presence and enable a new pulse and agency in todays society.” – Judith van den Boom

Special thanks to all students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year for their effort and hard work the past weeks! Foto: Sander Luske & Stef Ter Velden