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I have always been interested in travelling and mobility. During my internship in China I got inspired by the often primitive way that people use to carry, package and transport their belongings. This manner of transporting goods fascinates me as an image but also as a way of constructing. 

Casper Notenboom

For my graduation collection I have researched the possibilities of this highly functional way of carrying something and applied it in a present-day product. This research resulted in a collection of bags. The quantity of goods that you are carrying around determines the volume of the packing, this volume can increase of decrease while you are travelling. I wanted to maximise the movement of growth and shrinkage. The contents of a bag are the possessions of a specific moment, in response to your destination you categorise and arrange these items.   

My collection of bags adapts to its contents by using the construction of the bag and fixating it by applying techniques such as vacuum and heat sealing. 

Experiences, emotions but also objects are things that you collect while traveling and want to cherish and take along with you. Just as a house a bag is a place where you can storage and secure your belongings.

Modern day life is making us increasingly more mobile, this also means that more is demanded of our adaptability and flexibility. People that are travelling a lot benefit from a bag that adapts to its contents but also from organising their belongings. By fixating belongings and placing them in your bag you can create a certain peace and stability in a constantly changing environment. 

The collection is a result of my method of working, while making something I think and I design while making. The materials and techniques I use are closely connected and my aim is to combine these two aspects as optimally as possible resulting in high quality products. 

The collection of bags exists out of two categories: four backpacks that are based on the vacuum technique and twelve folded mesh bags.  

Product data

L25 cm x B 35 cm 

CA. 1 kg



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